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How to Join


Becoming a member in our service league is easy, straight-forward, and inexpensive. The first step is joining us for a complimentary dinner and meeting to find out about some of our local events and to meet the other women who participate in our group.










Our goal as a volunteer organization is to do the most good for the women and children of Harrisonburg while providing support and camaraderie for our members. 

Requirements for membership are easy! Our active members:

  • Must be age 18 or above ​

  • Attend at least 1 meeting and 1 service event

  • Pay yearly dues of $65 




Apply for Membership

Women who've fulfilled the above requirements are strongly encouraged to apply for membership into our league. Our Membership Board Chair can walk you through the application process and answer questions as needed. We select members primarily based upon completion of above requirements and are an equal opportunity service organization. All women welcome! 




Benefits to Members

Our chapter hosts local volunteer events, drives, and fundraising events throughout the year and members are welcome to pick and choose the activities that appeal to them most. While we do request that applicants to our league fulfill a few basic requirements (attending a meeting, service event and paying a yearly dues fee of $65), we provide a multitude of opportunities for our participants so even those with limited schedules can easily contribute to the group without pressure. Many women in our league have families, businesses, serve in politics, and also participate in other religious or service organizations. We work to provide opportunity for all our members to be involved with as much flexibility as possible. 


One of the things our members most enjoy is the availability of pre-approved volunteer and fundraising activities. This allows our team to help the community with less leg-work on the part of individual members. Our activities are selected with an attention to safety for our members while also delivering the maximum impact of benefit to the community. Many of our events are family-friendly and include the opportunity for spouses and children to participate alongside our members. 

While altruism is it’s own reward, our members also benefit from the chance to make and foster bonds with like-minded women. Many of our members started off as new additions to our community and found our organization to be a great stepping stone in forming lasting and meaningful friendships. We also provide our members the chance to become familiar with some of Harrisonburg’s most important and influential charities and groups not to mention participate in our ample social events that also can include members’ families and friends. Members are encouraged to invite friends and co-workers to meetings, and many participants find our monthly get-togethers a fantastic reprieve from day-to-day stresses. Ladies in our group use meetings as chance to relax and socialize while also discussing ways to improve our community.  

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