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Our History

Since our founding in the 1950s, our team of locally committed volunteers has sought to provide service and support to women and children in need throughout Harrisonburg as well as in our  neighboring counties of Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. Our directive is built on providing the maximum good to our community on a local level. 

Our volunteers share a passion for service and a desire to make our community a better one. 

We’re a group of like-minded women looking to make Harrisonburg a better community. Any woman regardless of her background, politics, social standing, or level of commitment is welcome to attend our meetings and participate in our organization. 

Mission Statement
To support to women and children within the Harrisonburg community

How We Help

Our group supports and works closely with many local foundations that focus on providing support to women and children. Some of the organizations that we’ve sponsored or volunteered with in the past include:





















Our group participates in a variety of volunteer activities throughout the year which include food and clothing drives, soup kitchen service, beautifying and upkeep of local shelters. We are non-secular but work closely with local religious organizations that share our mission, and provide grants for organizations and causes that support families and individuals in need of our help. 


We also work to raise funds for various causes, primarily through an annual Golf Tournament held in May. This allows us to integrate support from various organizations in the community as well as syphon money towards scholarships, community grants, and outreach missions to help individuals and families in Harrisonburg.

Who We Are

Volunteers in our group come from a wide variety of backgrounds, professions, and personal histories. 


Our group includes moms, business owners, social activists, teachers, community leaders, and students.   

Our goal as a volunteer organization is to do the most good for the women and children of Harrisonburg while providing support and comraderie for our members. 

Our group holds meetings at local Harrisonburg restaurants September through June.

Requirements for membership are easy! Our active members:

  • Must be age 18 or above ​

  • Attend at least 1 meeting and 1 service event

  • Pay yearly dues of $65

Once applicants fulfill these requirements they're encouraged to apply for membership! We are always welcoming new ladies to our group. The more the merrier!

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